Men's High Camp Retreat

"I want a purposeful and fulfilling life, but mostly I find myself in a rut, frustrated and just plain uninspired.
Even deeper, there is a gnawing fear that life is slipping away and I’m not having the impact I know I was made for.
Is the last half of my life simply a decline toward insignificance?"

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Introducing the High Camp Retreat where we will explore each man’s deepest desires and core values as he prepares to enter the last and most crucial Second Half of Life. Spend four days and three nights at Eagle Mountain Lodge in northern New Mexico with Life Coach and fellow journeyman, Marcom Herren.  Come and join a small group of like-minded men who earnestly desire something more for their lives.  With the beauty of the rugged outdoors and the cool, crisp mountain air, the clarity you've been seeking will come into view and you'll discover the purpose and mission that has always ben awaiting you! This vital and necessary Second Half of Life journey is calling you!  

Now is the time to act! Don’t look up to find another decade has flown by! Let’s dig in and discover the deepest message God has written on your life and the great purpose he has been preparing you for. Register now for one of the few spots in this small group retreat. It’ll change your life…your legacy!

The Men's High Camp Retreat will be offered October 4-7, 2018 at Eagle Mountain Lodge outside Eagle Nest, NM.  The Retreat starts on Thursday afternoon (5:00 pm) and concludes on Sunday (12:00 pm).  Cost: $595 (Includes a comfortable bed in one of our cabins, hearty meals, and retreat materials).  To learn more about the details of this incredible retreat and reserve your spot, click the Book button below.  You can also email us:

Suggested Reading includes: 

~Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

~Fathered By God by John Eldredge

~Halftime by Bob Buford.